It's time to vote.

Yes, we all vote…constantly. We vote with our money, we vote with our time, and we vote with our advocacy.Today, we are at a crossroads and Planet Earth needs our vote.

As a company, Threadfast is committed to making conscious choices. That is not to say that every one of our products is produced in the most environmentally sensitive way possible, regardless of cost. We view this challenge as a journey and have incorporated environment consciousness into every aspect of our product development and sourcing.

We are transitioning to recycled polyester and sustainably grown cotton across all collections. We are utilizing Cationic dying technology that targets one of the most critical production processes, fabric dyeing.

We still have a lot of work ahead of head of us, but our journey is underway, continues to accelerate, and is beginning to produce tangible results.

Join us on your journey. Cast your vote for Planet Earth.....Because there is no Planet B.

Abe Anteby
President - Threadfast