"Earth Month Essentials" Promotion Terms and Conditions 

These terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") govern the use of threadfastapparel.com, threadfast.com and retail.threadfastapparel.com (the "Site"). This Site is owned and operated by Threadfast Apparel and their distribution partner alphabroder. This Site is an ecommerce website.

By using this Site, you indicate that you have read and understand these Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them at all times.


A. The "Earth Month Essentials" promotion is defined as the discounted bundle of four Threadfast Apparel styles for the price of $20.23. This price does not include shipping costs and taxes. Styles included in the promotion are not interchangeable.

B. Apparel styles included in this bundle:

  1. 180A Unisex Ultimate Cotton Tee in Black
  2. 102A Unisex Triblend Tee in Grey Triblend
  3. 320H Unisex Ultimate Hoodie in Army
  4. 382LS Unisex Impact Long Sleeve Tee in Black Heather. 

C. The participant is able to select size the bundle. Availability is subject to change at any point.

D. All information, descriptions, or images that we provide about our goods are as accurate as possible. However we are not legally bound by such information, descriptions, or images as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all goods we provide. 

E. We reserve the right to modify, reject or cancel your order whenever it becomes necessary. If we cancel your order and have already processed your payment, we will give you a refund equal to the amount you paid. You agree that it is your responsibility to monitor your payment instrument to verify receipt of any refund.


A. The "Earth Month Essentials" promotion is active exclusively in the United States excluding Rhode Island

Promotion Period

A. The "Earth Month Essentials" promotion is expected to run from April 1st to April 30th of the year 2022. Threadfast Apparel reserves the right to end this promotion at any point without prior notice.

Shipping and Delivery

A. When you purchase goods from our Site, the goods will be delivered through a Standard Shipping service of our discretion.

B. You will be required to pay delivery charges in addition to the price for the goods purchased.

C. You are required to provide us with a complete and accurate delivery address, including the name of the recipient. We are not liable for the delivery of your goods to the wrong address or wrong person as a result of you providing us with inaccurate or incomplete information.

D. Delivery will take place as soon as reasonably possible. Delivery times may vary dye to unforeseen circumstances. Please note that delivery times do not include weekends and statutory holidays.


A. This promotion is strictly non-exchangeable and not transferrable. The Earth Month Essentials goods cannot be returned or refunded. However, if your item is damaged or defective, we'll take care of it and work with you to find the best solution.

B. If your order has a defective item, please email details and photo to customerservice@threadfastapparel.com


A. Participation on this promotion is reserved exclusively for wholesalers, imprintable industry members, printers and end users of the aforementioned. Threadfast Apparel is entitled to ask for proof. Proof may be provided in the form of Company name, ASI number, PPAI number or Impressions membership.

B. Participants must have a permanent address in the promotion area and must be older than 18 at the time of participation. Threadfast Apparel is entitled to ask for proof.

C. The participant must have an existing e-mail address. Participants who use an incomplete or fictitious e-mail address, address and/or names may be excluded from participation by Threadfast Apparel.

D. In the event of misuse, fraud, manipulation, circumvention or a breach of the terms and Conditions of the Promotion, Threadfast Apparel is entitled to exclude participants or groups of participants. Threadfast Apparel is entitled to do this on the basis of a suspicion and is not bound to inform the participant or to provide proof.

E. By participating in the promotion, the participant states to agree to the terms and Conditions of the promotion.

F. The participant can only participate in the promotion during the promotion period and only in the manner described in the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion. If the Participant submits an order late, early, in a way other than the prescribed manner, or otherwise incomplete, he shall be excluded from participation without further notice.

G. The participant states and guarantees that the entry information that he/she makes available to Threadfast Apparel in the framework of the promotion is not unlawful and not in breach of the law. Threadfast Apparel may refuse or remove the order without consultation with or consent from the Participant.

H. Participation by means of certain scripts, systems, automated functions, or other methods that automate order placement is prohibited.


A. We accept the following payment methods on our Site: Credit Card, PayPal, Amazon Pay and Google Pay.

B. When you provide us with your payment information, you authorize our use of and access to the payment instrument you have chosen to use. By providing us with your payment information, you authorize us to charge the amount due to this payment instrument.

C. If we believe your payment has violated ay law or these Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to cancel or reverse your transaction.


A. When you create an account on our Site, you agree to the following:

B. You are solely responsible for your account and the security and privacy of your account, including passwords or sensitive information attached to that account; and

C. All personal information you provide to us through your account is up to date, accurate, and truthful and that you will update your personal information if it changes.

D. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account if you are using our Site illegally or if you violate these Terms and Conditions.

Consumer Protection Law

A. Where any consumer protection legislation in your jurisdiction applies and cannot be excluded, these Terms and Conditions will not limit your legal rights and remedies under that legislation. These Terms and Conditions will be read subject to the mandatory provisions of that legislation. If there is a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and that legislation, the mandatory provisions of the legislation will apply.

Exclusion of liability

A. Threadfast Apparel is not in any way liable for additional costs or expenses a Participant would have to incur in connection with the payment or use of the promotion.

B. Threadfast Apparel and our directors, officers, agents, employees, subsidiaries, and affiliates will not be liable for any actions, claims, losses, damages, liabilities and expenses including legal fees from your use of the Site.

C. Threadfast Apparel, its employees, assistants or third parties it engaged are not liable for damage caused by the payment or use of the goods or the participant's participation in the promotion.

D. Threadfast Apparel, its employees, assistants or third parties it engaged are not liable for damage caused by faults of whichever nature in the software, computer, network, the internet that caused the order entry of the participant to be received late, poorly, delayed or not at all by Threadfast Apparel.

E. Threadfast Apparel is not liable for (i) any defects to the goods, (ii) if the goods are received later than announced, (iii) received by the wrong person, (iv) or was lost or damaged during its shipment or (v) if the goods deviate from the offered goods on subordinate points.

F. Threadfast Apparel is not responsible or liable in the event of fraud by participants.

G. The participant is exclusively liable for the content of the order entry that he makes available in the framework of the promotion. Threadfast Apparel cannot be liable for this in any event. The participant shall indemnify Threadfast Apparel against any claim by a third party in connection with the information submitted by the participant.


A. The personal details that are provided by the participant to Threadfast Apparel in the framework of this promotion are subject to the applicable national legislation regarding privacy. In its capacity as the party responsible for processing, Threadfast Apparel shall only process these details for purposes that promote the proper progress of the promotion, own market research and direct marketing. Within the framework of the aforementioned purposes, the personal details may be passed on to one or more entities of the group to which Threadfast Apparel belongs, distribution partners or in the event of a statutory obligation or following a request from the police or judicial authorities. The personal details shall not be given or sold to third parties.

B. Every participant may exercise his statutory right to access, improve, or oppose the use of personal details for direct marketing free of charge by opting out in their account or sending a written, signed and dated request to that effect to customerservice@threadfastapparel.com


A. Except where prohibited by law, by using this Site you indemnify and hold harmless Threadfast Apparel and our directors, officers, agents, employees, subsidiaries, and affiliates from any actions, claims, losses, damages, liabilities and expenses including legal fees arising out of your use of our Site or your violation of these Terms and Conditions.


A. If at any time any of the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions are found to be inconsistent or invalid under applicable laws, those provisions will be deemed void and will be removed from these Terms and Conditions. All other provisions will not be affected by the removal and the rest of these Terms and Conditions will still be considered valid.  


A. Threadfast Apparel is entitled to amend these terms and Conditions of the Promotion, without stating reasons, or to cancel the promotion, if, in the light of statutory or regulatory provisions or interpretations thereof by government bodies, the promotion cannot be continued or cannot be continued unchanged, if the further implementation of the promotion is actually or otherwise impossible or impossible under the same conditions or if the circumstances concerning the promotion have changed to such an extent that its continued progress involves unreasonable or disproportionate extra costs or difficulties for Threadfast Apparel.

B. The content of the terms and conditions is under reservation of clerical errors and interpretation. It is not possible to derive any rights from clerical errors or mistakes by Threadfast Apparel.

C. These Terms and Conditions of the Earth Month Essentials Promotion and any additional terms and conditions and provisions are to be announced by Threadfast Apparel before or during the promotion on its website or at any point of communication by Threadfast Apparel. The Terms and Conditions of this promotion apply to consumer promotions organized by Threadfast Apparel.

Applicable Law

A. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the State of New York.

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